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Mental Health Books on getting the right help
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Supporting a Survivor of Abuse, Survivor Links

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The following Links are designed to lead to useful sources of information, mainly based in the UK, which in turn lead to many other Links which you can follow up



SupportLine new Helpline number: 01708 765200  Emotional support/ befriending via phone, post and email.  For children, young adults, adults, anyone socially isolated, vulnerable, at risk, victims of any form of abuse.  Information and Links on a wide range of problems at www.supportline.org.uk/problems

www.samaritans.org/  Home page for The Samaritans, including on-line help

www.sane.org.uk/SANEline National telephone helpline - emotional support and information for people affected by mental health problems. See www.sane.org.uk/SANEmail for email service and resources. Mental health information pages www.sane.org.uk/AboutMentalIllness

www.helplines.org.uk/  Information on Telephone Helplines in the UK

www.addictionnetwork.co.uk Extensive information on alcoholism and other addictions

Soteria Network have a new website www.soterianetwork.org.uk

www.psychnet-uk.com/  Useful information and links to many UK sites

http://psychcentral.com/ Dr John Grohol's Mental Health Page, with listing of many subjects and links

www.trauma-pages.com David Baldwin's Trauma Information Pages with information on seeking help.  Searchable database

www.relate.org.uk/  Website for the Relate Organisation - counselling for all types of relationship problem

http://www.bacp.co.uk/  Website for the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP), including information on finding a counsellor or therapist by regional area

Searchable site on types of distress, therapies, articles, events, facts & figures, FAQs on help, finding a counsellor

www.mind.org.uk/ MIND also has local branch offices.  They provide Factsheets and training to professionals, and support people suffering mental distress to help them get the help they need.  Useful factsheet on counselling issues

NO PANIC : Telephone Helpline 10am-10pm : 01952 590545 - 93 Brands Farm Way, Telford, Shropshire TF3 2JQ http://www.no-panic.co.uk/menu.htm Panic attacks, phobias, obsessive/compulsive disorders, anxiety, tranquilliser withdrawal.  Support to families and/or carers. Information pack, books, audio & video.  Local self-help groups/ telephone recovery groups for sufferers & carers.  From 10pm to 10am the helpline carries a recorded message to help sufferers cope with anxiety attacks

www.phobics-society.org.uk/  For Factsheets, useful Links, Videos, etc

www.nsf.org.uk/  National Schizophrenia Fellowship.  National charity for everyone affected by severe mental illness, with national networks of mutual support groups for carers and for users

www.depressionalliance.org/  Charity run by and for sufferers of depression and their carers

Lists telephone numbers and times available for regions in England.  Other areas are shown on the Site

www.drugscope.org/  Very informative Site.  Click on Links, followed by UK, or General, etc

http://bubl.ac.uk/uk/charities/add.htm  This Site lists and links to useful Sites on addictions and help

Directories, Off-line and Other InformationDIRECTORIES & OTHER INFORMATION

ACAL (Association for Child Abuse Lawyers   UK organisation holding information on solicitors specialising in child abuse cases.  They also provide training for lawyers in this area.  Website: http://www.childabuselawyers.com

BSS (Broadcasting Support Services), Distribution, Unit 24, Piccadilly Trading Estate, Manchester M1 2NP (Tel. 0161 277 7000).  Produce The Survivors' Directory and run helplines for TV programmes.

CAB (Citizens' Advice Bureaux)  See local telephone directories, ask in the library, or visit www.nacab.org.uk

CIS'ters (Child Incest Survivors), P.O. Box 119, Eastleigh, SO50 9ZF.  Tel. 023 80 338080.  Helpline open 10am-12noon Saturdays.  A survivor network for females, newsletter.  Training for professional & voluntary organisations on issues related to abuse in general.

DABS (Directory & Book Services)   
4 New Hill, Conisbrough, Doncaster DN12 3HA.  (Tel.01709 860023)  Online National Resource Directory of self-help groups and help centres for survivors of abuse.  Also a mail order book service, free booklist on request.  www.dabsbooks.co.uk

MIND, 15-19 Broadway, London E15 4BQ   
Mental Health Charity providing information, help and advocacy to users and professionals in the mental health field, including training, books, and magazine. Has regional offices.  www.mind.org.uk

(National Association for People Abused in Childhood), 42 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3NH.  Website: www.napac.org.uk   Free telephone support line for adult survivors of abuse or neglect. See their Website for times & details. Just type in your Postcode to see resources available in your area.

Rape Crisis, Victim Support   
These organisations operate throughout the country.  If you cannot find details for your local area, contact your Citizens' Advice Bureau who will have information.  The Police also hold this information, or you may find it in your Library.

including on-line help and email support.  Telephone 08457 90 90 90 (24 hours)  www.samaritans.org.uk

, 1st Floor, Cityside House, 40 Adler Street, London E1 1EE.  Helpline 0845 767 8000.  National mental health charity providing information & support to those experiencing mental health problems.  www.sane.org.uk

SupportLine http://www.supportline.org.uk  Helpline 01708 765200  Charity offering confidential emotional support to children and adults by telephone, email and post.  Information and help on a wide range of problems http://www.supportline.org.uk/problems

For updates on the Annual Rally in central London on 7th August 2010 click HERE for AMSOSA, or click the banner and sign into Facebook. Playlist of some Videos from the Rally at www.youtube.com/user/survivorway#g/c/6396A9427FF8028

The Survivors Trust www.thesurvivorstrust.org is a national umbrella agency for 126 specialist voluntary sector agencies providing a range of counselling, therapeutic and support services working with women, men and children who are victims/survivors of rape, sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse.

TAG (Trauma & Abuse Group), The Willows Centre, 11 Prospect Place, Swindon SN1 3LQ. Network, information, support & training for people working with those who have suffered trauma and abuse.  www.tag-uk.net

IF YOU ARE supporting a friend or person who experienced abuse or is in an abusive situation now:

Click HERE for Survivor Links
Click HERE for Supporting a Survivor of Abuse

Click HERE for Domestic Violence, Stalking, Harassment, Bullying, Coercion

Search Engines:  www.google.com, www.yahoo.co.uk, www.lycos.co.uk, www.ask.com,  etc.

Gender ID, Gender variance, Transgender, Transition
Some ideas are likely to appeal to you more than others. If you dislike an approach, keep on searching! Information and resources can be found at:

MERMAIDS - www.mermaidsuk.org.uk/index.html
GIRES - www.gires.org.uk/ where there are free downloadable booklets in pdf format

Articles: 'I Feel Like My Body Is Wrong, But My Parents Say My Feelings Are Wrong'
and www.communitycare.co.uk/Articles/2000/05/24/12569/A-mixed-up-world.htm

Rights/resources: www.equalityhumanrights.com/your-rights/transgender

Playlist: www.youtube.com/user/survivorway#grid/user/306439400FF0124A
or visit Survivorway on YouTube www.youtube.com/user/survivorway

Missing from Home/ or Runaways;
Group, Family, Other Pressures

DON'T get Labelled
Dissing, Splits, Divides
Cults/Groups : Hustles, Beliefs, Scams
Doc Matrix X-files
P-Y-O Parts & Roles
Problems are Not all Your Fault!
'Let's Reduce Abuse' - Get Good Help

doc matrix riding a pennyfarthing cycle

Missing from Home/ Runaways

BBC Website at www.bbc.co.uk/headroom ‘Unwind Your Mind’ (may need Java/ Flash) or click top left on Site for Text Only. Contacts for Help & LINKS

Myth Buster section explains some Mental Health misunderstandings

‘Missing Live’ TV - People say why they missing
See Moodscape to create your own online Animation

MISSING PEOPLE Free TEXT for young Runaways: Text 80234: Freefone 24-hours 0808 800 70 70, Email www.missingpeople.org.uk

ACTION for CHILDREN help families through difficult periods - See Website for information, animated ads www.actionforchildren.org.uk

More Links plus Disability information
Doc Matrix updates on YouTube 'theCojent'

TANSAL Supports Let's Reduce Abuse

Direct link to 'Doc Matrix' site with useful tips for young or older people
'Doc' has some outline Questions on therapy & help, now pasted here for access


Large bookshops have sections relating to Psychology, Self-Help, Child Abuse, Social Work. There are more books nowadays written in plain language, both by people who have experienced childhood abuse themselves, and by people who help Survivors of abuse, giving useful information in a non-threatening way. You can search on the Internet for books and information, and work towards something to suit you.  Many Websites which you can reach via the Links Pages on this Site, also list useful books.


www.dabsbooks.co.uk Mail order books on a wide range of survivor issues plus online Resource Directory
www.amazon.co.uk (UK branch of Amazon Books)
www.amazon.com (USA Amazon Books - If you have a credit/debit card you will be charged in your own currency and their service to the UK is normally good.

To search for books of interest, enter the name of the author, or words from the book title.  Try to find information and help which suits you personally.  Everyone is different.

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Visit the False page at Whorls for links on:
False confessions, Eye witnesses; Miscarriages of Justice;
Allegations of abuse, Memories; Therapy Culture;

Finding Middle Ground, Mediation


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