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Problems with Evidence & Testimony
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The videos below outline some problems with evidence and testimony. If they do not show in your browser, click direct links in the boxes. If you can't watch videos, visit Innocent, United Against Injustice, and INUK, for textual information on a wide range of issues, relevant cases etc.

These and other videos can be viewed at www.humanrightstv.com/innocence-inuk
Other Human Rights TV Video channels are listed at www.humanrightstv.com/channel-az

Visit Sandra Lean's Miscarriage of Justice site: http://miscarriageofjustice.wordpress.com/articles/innocence-is-no-defence/ and see the final paragraph on her article 'No Defence':

'Innocence is no defence. In fact, being innocent is one of the biggest handicaps to the defence of an innocent person, because their ignorance of the system and how it works is used against them, time and time again.'

There are concerns too about people charged under joint enterprise law as being responsible - by being present - during the commission of a serious crime, or even for not preventing it.See BBC Panorama link on joint enterprise http://news.bbc.co.uk/panorama/hi/front_page/newsid_8366000/8366280.stm and video at www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00p31vd 


Professor Greg Hampikian - videos include:

Forensic approaches 03
Professor Greg Hampikian discusses the difference between the approach of forensic science for the defence or the prosecution.

The concept of a match in DNA profile 09
Greg Hampikian brings out the issues concerned with describing dna results as a 'match'.

Witness identification of suspects 10
Greg Hampikian underscores how the lack of questioning the statistical relevance of forensic evidence provides bad science for basing court evidence on. He goes on to demonstrate the unreliability of witness identification of offenders

Dr Michael Naughton - videos include:

Presumption of innocence 02: Dr Michael Naughton discusses the reverasal of the presumption of innocence, concepts of legal guilt and factual guilt and how this impedes justice. He also opens the discussion about the institutional response to someone who maintains innocence as being someone in deial rather than the possibility of being an innocent person. Naughton asserts that actually there is a case that the legal profession is in denial about the whole concepts of innocence and how an idea of a miscarriage of justice is approached.

Reliability of statements 03: Dr Michael Naughton takes about the "lynch mob syndrum mentality" and how suspect statements do not necessarily come from individuals that live reliable lives. He cites the case of Gerry Conlan and how inconstencies do not actually mean complicity but can reveal disordered individual lives. Any idea that justice is served by judging the lives of individual suspects on a benchmark of suposed normalities of memory is not only sociologiocally, psychologically and philisophically flawed but has to be a legally flawed approach.

How Innocence has helped the prison service adapt 01
Discussing the methodology and typology of innocence, Michael Naughton discusses the importance of the work of the Innocence Project and the value of its research. Innocence, he claims, has for "...the first time ever... [brought about] ...an official acknowledgment that some people might be innocent.


For articles about disclosure of evidence and other issues visit www.innocent.org.uk/misc/articles.html
Disclosure, Problems/Help Miscarriages of Justice, Prisoners who maintain their innocence, Forensic science, In prison

Visit www.innocent.org.uk/misc/cr_erzingclioglu_fss.html for an article on the unreliability of evidence, by Zakaria Erzinclioglu - Science and the law: A cause for concern

Books listed by Innocent are at www.innocent.org.uk/books/index.html where downloads are available for some out-of-print books

Visit the Links page at INUK - The Innocence Network UK - www.innocencenetwork.org.uk/links.htm

Further Resources are HERE

Click HERE for a Google search on False Confessions
Click HERE for a Google search on Eyewitness Testimony


UAI United Against Injustice
National Federation of Miscarriage of Justice Campaign and Support Organisations
Miscarriage of Justice Day meeting in London: 9 October 2010


These and other videos can be viewed at www.humanrightstv.com/innocence-inuk
Other Human Rights TV Video channels are listed at www.humanrightstv.com/channel-az

www.humanrightstv.com/innocence-inuk/key-limitations/reliable-statements www.humanrightstv.com/innocence-inuk/key-limitations/concepts-of%20innocence www.humanrightstv.com/law-works/
www.humanrightstv.com/innocence-inuk/hollis-whiteman/witness-identification www.humanrightstv.com/innocence-inuk/hollis-whiteman/forensic-defence www.humanrightstv.com/innocence-inuk/hollis-whiteman/dna-match


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Part 1 Human Rights Resources, Campaigns
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